Pine Bedding
10 Cubic Feet Large Flake
8 Cubic Feet Mini Flake
7 Cubic Feet Small Flake

Cedar Bedding
6 Cubic Feet Cedar Shavings

Unlike most other bedding that uses inconsistent sawmill by-products, Suncoast Bedding manufactures our own shavings. We purchase our pine in logs from tree farms, a renewable resource. Then the wood is shaved to consistent specifications to maximize its cushioning and absorbency qualities.

The shavings are then high-heat dried to remove the natural moisture, thereby removing mold spores that can be potentially dangerous to horses and other animals. Finally, using exclusive, state-of-the-art manufacturing our packaging process allows us to compress MORE THAN 12 Cubic feet of shavings at a 5 to 1 compression allowing us to offer our premium quality shavings in an ULTRA Compressed, convenient bale.


SUNCOAST Compressed Pure Cedar Shavings is Premium Animal Bedding to provide clean, comfortable environment for small animals. Compressed Bale That expands to 6 Cubic Feet! Use for rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, reptiles, cats and dogs. Can be added to horse and large animal bedding to freshen stalls.

Naturally keeps fleas and other insects away.
Finely screened for minimal dust.
Natural cedar scent to neutralize odors. (No added oils)

Recommended use: Cover the bottom of the cage liberally and change regularly.

To protect your small pet's health, always use open air cages with good ventilation.

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