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100% Cypress Mulch and Cypress Blend

100% Cypress Mulch

This premium mulch has a very high ratio of bark to wood and as a result resists many insects, retains moisture well, and has great color retention and longevity. Available in 2 and 3 cubic foot bags.

Cypress Mulch Blend

This mulch is a blend of cypress and pine, and is a economical alternative to cypress. It has excellent moisture retention and will deter the growth of weeds. Available in 2 and 3 cubic foot bags.

Certified Playground Chips and Mulch

Our playground chips and mulch products are ideal for schools, churches, pathways, backyards or any other large recreation areas. This product is available for purchase in by the yard bulk quantities or bags.

Jungle Growth Family of Products

Jungle Growth is the family of garden products dedicated to helping you “Turn your home into a Jungle!™” Jungle Growth items are designed to help you grow healthy, vibrant plants---indoors and out---that will bring beauty and enjoyment to your home.

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