From the Forest

Cypress Mulch

Our cypress mulch is sold in 2 and 3 cubic ft. bags, ranging from 100% cypress to bark blends. This premium mulch is great addition to any yard! Also available for bulk sales!

Pine Bark Products

Pine bark is long lasting, and when it does break down it enriches the soil with organic material. We offer our pine in nuggets, mini-nuggets, mulch, and soil conditioner. It is available 2 and 3 cubic ft. bags, or sold in bulk.

Dyed Mulch

A great way to add color to your garden, available in black, brown, gold, and red. Our dyed mulch is available 2 cubic ft. bags or sold in bulk.

Pine Straw

Using pine straw as natural garden mulch helps to keep down weeds, trap moisture and prevent topsoil erosion. 

Kiln-Dried Firewood

We also sell premium hardwood firewood! The wood is kiln-dried to remove as much moisture as possible for an easy starting and long burning fire.

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premium landscape rock

Landscape Rock

All of our beautiful landscape rocks, available in three sizes (pea gravel, river rock, and egg rock) and two different colors (white, brown), are tumbled to produce smooth and rounded rocks for either outdoor landscaping or indoor accents.

Marble Chips

A perfect compliment for walkways, patios and other areas, our marble chips resist cracking and discoloration, offering beauty that lasts.

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make your garden grow

Jungle Growth

Jungle Growth is rated #1 by universities and is used and recommended by master gardeners. Every Jungle Growth product can be used safely around children and pets!

Black Kow

The all-natural, organic way to improve native soils is by using Black Kow composted cow manure. Black Kow cow manure contains millions of beneficial bacteria. It is organic and contains nutrients that are released slowly without burning tender roots.

Mushroom Compost

Our premium mushroom compost is a blended and screened organic soil amendment used to enhance the growth of flower beds, rose gardens, vegetable gardens, seed starting and container planting. 

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In addition to these wonderful products, we also offer top soil, potting soil, cow manure, and much more, take a look!

animal bedding

Suncoast Cedar Bedding

Suncoast Compressed Pure Cedar Shavings is Premium Animal Bedding to provide clean, comfortable environment for animals of all sizes. This product naturally keeps fleas and other insects away and is finely screened for minimal dust.

All Creatures Great and Small

We have bedding for the largest thoroughbred to the smallest hamster! Available from 12 to 6 cubic ft to fit your needs - rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, snakes, reptiles, cats and dogs. Can be added to horse and large animal bedding areas to freshen stalls. The natural cedar scent is great at neutralizing odors, and with no added oils!

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We offer both pine and cedar bedding in flake and shaving options, check out all our options!

Bulk Ordering


Almost all of our fine mulch products are available for bulk - even dyed mulch! When you have a big job, ordering a bulk truckload will always be the most economically smart choice! 

Playground Material

Available in both bag and bulk (typically 90-100 cubic yards), our certified playground materials, either chip or mulch, is a great way to make any large area safer for children to run and play! 

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